Safe, effective, humane goose control

Method of Humane Goose Control endorsed by The Humane Society, PETA and US Fish & Wildlife

Our Goose Control Services

We provide goose control services for corporate business parks, shopping malls, municipalities, hotels, parks and greenways, schools, universities and business properties. We also provide services to residential owners for HOAs, apartment complexes, condominiums, townhomes and any type property that has a goose problem. We work with property management companies, facility management companies or directly with property owners.

Affordable Contracts

We are the only company that has been continuously providing affordable goose control in North and South Carolina since Goose Busters started in 2001. Our one and only focus is providing safe, effective and humane goose control at AFFORDABLE prices.


When considering the cost of using our Goose Control services, please take into account how much this method may actually save you in:

• Labor Cost for Clean Up Efforts

• Time Spent on Ineffective Control Measures

• Power Washing Equipment & Maintenance

• Constant Reseeding of Damaged Turf

• Pond Maintenance Expenses

• Landscaping Cost to Repair Soil Erosion

• Potential Liability Expenses Resulting from Aggressive Geese